Sunday, November 28, 2010

Probing Bread

Today was a Rhome day. (See previous post.)
We consulted, commiserated and crabbed about our 

GE Monogram ovens 

for months in an attempt to get the baking results we expected
from the ovens. One frustration was/is uneven baking. 

Neither of us managed to get the ovens to perform to our satisfaction.
She successfully got GE to buy back her ovens.
Sadly, I did not have the same blessing. 

She now has Wolf ovens, and recently she discovered the probe could
be used for bread.  Her blog post is here. I was anxious to give it a try
today with Potato Bread.

I began intending to follow her instructions. But, I was anxious to put the 
probe in the bread and tried inserting it after 7 minutes of baking. 
The bread structure did not hold the probe.
It made a sizable hole.

After baking the bread about 10 minutes,
I inserted the probe in the upper hole.
The bread reached 200 degrees internal temperature
on both the probe and the instant read thermometer.
This is how the bread turned out.

I will definitely use that technique again. 

Thanks, Rhome.

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RHome410 said...

Haha...I did that same thing with my rolls...Neglected to wait the 10 minutes and got a big hole in one of them. At least we won't ever forget and do it again! I used the technique yesterday on loaves of bread. I LOVE it.