Friday, December 3, 2010

Korean Kalbi with Veggie Beef

A Korean recipe always catches my eye.   Our family is blessed with a Korean daughter-in-law.  Her family and friends have become our friends as well.  Sharing food is always at the heart of our gatherings.Bi bim  bap is one of our favorites.  I am learning to cook a few Korean dishes, but it is hard to get it just right.  The food turns out to be Korean dishes for an American palate.  One of the blogs I follow, Home Cooking in Montana,  blogged about Korean Kalbi. 

The blog post and recipe are here

Mr. C was raised in a vegetarian home, and ate meat substitutes rather than meat, fish or poultry.  My family ate meat, fish and poultry as well as the meat substitutes.  It was a health teaching of our church. Some families were more strict than ours. I became a vegetarian during college, more years ago than seem possible.  I don't feel that old. So, many recipes need to be adapted because gluten-based veggie meat doesn't absorb marinade. Just the opposite of tofu. Vegetable Steaks are a long-time favorite.


I've learned to incorporate flavors of the ingredients into the dish. It's not the same, but as close as we'll ever get.  The marinade sounded so good I used the ingredients to made a sauce for the seared veggie steaks and broccoli.  The sauce was a bit sweet and a little hot. Ooohhhhh, it was delicious. Definitely be making this again and often.



Ellie said...

Cotehele, What an honor that you would try the marinade! I am so glad you enjoyed it. And, I just love how you adapted it... it always makes my day when someone else likes what I like:) thank you for trying it out.
Have a great day~Ellie

Cotehele said...

Ellie, Thanks! We just loved it.