Sunday, November 28, 2010


November is just about to end.
 I've been waiting all month to make pizza. 
So far this month I've spent about $180 on groceries. 
I needed to be sure Mozzarella was in the budget.
Cheese is one of the more pricey grocery items. 
And, yippee, there is enough money left to get cheese! 

Pizza crust usually takes all day to make. I use a French bread dough. 
The crust is chewy, rises nicely and browns just right. 
We went for a walk so I got a late start making the dough.   
 I decided to try a friend of mine's recipe
She has good instructions, so I won't repeat them here.

Rhome makes pizza for her family of ten every Friday. 
You can read about her made from scratch pizza here.  
Makes me crave pizza just looking at hers!

Four pizzas is a bit much for two people, so I halved the recipe.
 I got in the habit of weighing dough when I started selling my 
baked goods  at the local farmer's market. I like the uniformity it 
provides for the finished goods.

Dough for one pizza

While the covered dough was resting, 
 I made the sauce. 

Stretched the dough for a pie.  Rhome's are perfectly round.  
But, the imperfections give the pizza character.  
Okay, I couldn't get it perfectly round. 
Ready to make the pizza.

Ready for baking. 
I baked it at 550 degrees for 9 minutes 
on a pre-heated baking stone.

Mr. C and Sweet Girl worked up a hunger at the park.



RHome410 said...

So what's the verdict? How did it compare to your takes-all-day crust? Do you usually use a different method for shaping the crust?

Cotehele said...

Ha, no I use the same method you use to shape the crust. Mine just don't turn out round. We quite liked the flavor of the crust. It is similar to my MIL's crust. The bottom and the edges were nicely brown. The crust under the sauce was barely done, but enough that I'd make it again. It baked at 550F as much as the ovens holds that temp.

RHome410 said...

Hmm. You preheated the stone a good, long time, I assume? Do you think maybe a lower temp so that the top and edges don't get done as fast might work? You know I had trouble perfecting pizzas in the Monogram, too, as each try was a different experience without any consistency. Usually I could get one good pizza with the oven set at 500 or so before I lost temperature and got white crusts.

Cotehele said...

Sorry, I've been away a few days. I'll try turning down the temperature, but with it set on 550, it was hanging around 500 anyway. The takes-all-day crust is baked at 425 until done. I often freeze it. When we want pizza, it's thawed, then split, topped with sauce and cheese and broiled. It's fast and very good.