Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Way the Wind Blows

I have lived in the midwest all but three-and-a -half years of my life.  I will not say how long that may be, but it is a long time.  Weather has been very destructive over the years.  Ice storms, tornados, flooding, high winds . . .   I was in nursing school when a tornado struck Xenia, Ohio. The students went over en mass to help. It was an emotional and humbling experience.  I have never before and not since seen such destruction. The city was obliterated. Much like Joplin, MO.

Many years ago, straight line winds blew through our community. I was in awe of the power of nature. Of course trees, and big tree limbs were down.  But to see a tree uprooted and set down in an asphalt driveway-like it had been planted there and grown tall was amazing.  Of course the devastation and disruption of people's lives is terrible.  Walking around town, though, there was such a spirit of warmness,  cooperation, and help. People were so friendly and talkative. It is sad it takes such an event for the spirit of community to emerge. A short while later it disappears.

We have been blessed not to have felt the worse of the forces of nature. I do not know why, maybe just lucky.

Storms came through Indiana about 9 p.m. a week ago Saturday.  We hear storm warnings quite frequently. It is not that we feel immune, in the 29 years we have lived here, we have sheltered in the basement only twice.  Silly us, we usually stand at the north window and watch the huge pine trees bend nearly in half.  Last night's storm had such force.  Big, old trees were uprooted or huge branches were ripped off to land in places trees were never meant to be.   This is a friend's yard. The tree hit the house with such force it knocked the sashes out of the windows.  He was not hurt even though he was in the kitchen at the back of the house that took the brunt of the falling tree.

Cotehele and I walked at the park today, and found a good bit of this tree had split.

A block from downtown (it's two blocks long, hehe) this tree was pushed out from the roots and fell across the street toward the library.

My heart goes out to everyone who witnessed the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair last night.  Tragically, five people lost their lives and many others were injured.  I am sure the tragedy will be on our minds when we go this week.

Nature also has a powerful healing quality. Beauty can be found amidst disaster. As we walked toward home, the light was beautiful shining behind the clouds.


laxsupermom said...

I've lived in the snowbelt for the vast majority of my life, and nothing is scarier than wind. Sleet, Hail, Blizzards, Ice Storms, and even floods are no match for wind. Glad to hear that you are safe, and my heart goes out to the concert goers who were at the Fair for the stage collapse.

rita said...

Looks like your town was hit hard, but no loss of lives?
Always enjoy your reflections.

RHome410 said...

Wow. We had just a bit of wind Monday, and a comparatively smallish tree along the edge of our yard went down. Such an awesome sound just to hear the one, and from the looks of it, it was cracked already. Can't imagine the force it took, and was created, when those big ones you show went down!

The scenes at the fairground were terrifying.