Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Songs of the Birds

Cotehele has this sweet way of thumping her tail on the bed and licking my nose when she thinks we have slept enough. Dragged myself out of bed this morning to take Cotehele outside and give her breakfast. 8:15 a.m. should be late enough to sleep, but after two busy weekends without any down time a few more minutes lounging in bed would have been nice.

I pulled on enough clothes to go outside without embarrassment, loped down the stairs and opened the front door.  Oh my, it was warm, sunny and the birds were singing!  After a quick doggie breakfast (for her not me), I dragged a chair on the porch, pulled out a rug for Cotehele and settled in with the morning paper.  Cotehele raised her head into the wind and with nose twitching enjoyed the wonders of whatever scents came on the wind.   Ah, we are both ready for spring to come and stay.


RHome410 said...

I LOVE hearing birds singing in the mornings. I am not a morning person at all, but don't mind awakening to that sound.

rita said...

Not such a rude awakening after all; could almost 'see' you enjoying the newspaper in the warmth and with background music.

Marysol said...

Amen. Spring has finally arrived here as well, and I've embraced the sounds and smells of a new beginning.

Glad to see you back!

laxsupermom said...

Spring has finally arrived here, too! I've been doing my share of enjoying the sun. Nothing better than sipping on your morning coffee with the paper out on the deck. Thanks for sharing.