Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow ~ Love it!!!

A pristine blanket of snow is beautiful. There is a hush outside when it is snowing that is more peaceful than anything else. At least if it is not during a storm.  And, there is rarely anyone else outside.  This is the view before I shoveled the sidewalk. The lights of downtown are in the distance.

Sweet Girl is just like a puppy in the snow. She frantically searches for her Wubba to take out with her and is excited with the first step outside the door!  Making snow angles and chasing her Wubbas are her favorite, but she's also curious who or what has been in her yard since she was out last.

Walks at the park are special family time. When everyone goes, that's the best! Sweet Girl must cover three times the ground we walk chasing her Wubba. Walking is fun even with cold fingers and a drippy nose (us not her, ha). If she notices the cold, we can't tell.

She tires easier than she did when she was young. I'm sorry we didn't have her when she was a puppy. She is adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue and Community Education (GRRACE). They think she was a puppy mill mom. She has been with us eight years.

No worries, she has her own bed and pillow to snuggle by the chair. She is not a bad foot warmer. Hot chocolate is not bad either. Soon she is ready for her next adventure outside!


RHome410 said...

So gorgeous! I'm jealous. Our precip here is of the clear variety, as opposed to white.
Aren't pets fun to watch in the snow? They get as excited as our kids, and always so curious.

Gena @ A Bluebonnet in Beantown said...

I love your photos! How wonderful to be so close to downtown. Can you walk there? And I just want to give Sweet Girl a huge hug. She looks like such a...well...a sweet girl. Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

Cotehele said...

Rhome, hope your family had a happy Christmas. We have just enough snow to be pretty and not enough to make travel treacherous.

Gena, Thanks, we had a wonderful time with our family in Ohio. Hope your Christmas time was full of cheer! Our town is so small, we walk everywhere. We live five blocks from a little two block long commercial district and just two blocks from the park.

rita said...

Love the snow scene, and all your photos!