Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Thanksgiving

 Family are all those at our Thanksgiving table. 
           Whether related by blood, law or friendship, 
                     We are all a family related by love. 
                             I missed all my family who were elsewhere Thursday. 
                                     Blessings and love to you all.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister-in-law's house in Michigan.  
She is a very gracious hostess who loves having a house full of people. 
She plans the menu and gives us each a dish or two to bring.  
The meals are a feast for the eyes and tummy.
I brought the rolls and an entree.   

Dinner is served buffet style on the island.  
The dishes: L-R
Cheesy scalloped potatoes, lentil patties, chix-special k loaf,
pickled beets, white and wheat rolls, veggie turkey and stuffing rolls,
vegetable tray, cranberry sauce, red hubbard squash, 
clear noodles and veggies, green beans with almonds.

 Granddad (father-in-law from Ohio), our son (Indiana) and Mr. C

 Always cheery Niece (Grad student in California) and Grandmomma (Ohio)

Brother-in-law's (oops I missed him) cousin and his family from Kentucky.  


Gena @ A Bluebonnet in Beantown said...

Oh my goodness! How wonderful that your family could come together from around the country! It looks like it was a wonderful gathering full of love and great food.

rita said...

Nice to meet your Korean family.