Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Mornings

My life has changed so much over the past few months that I hardly recognize myself.  You are familiar with the philosophy God is in the details? Well, God is in technology these days in our family.

Keeping in touch with family is highest of priorities. I am not a phone person; random phone calls are intrusive to me most of the time. Invariably, one of us is too busy to talk. We laugh about stalking Google Talk to catch someone online, but it's true. Differences in time zones and schedules make it challenging to connect.  Little snippets of chatting happen throughout the week, but Saturday (and Sunday) are the best days to have a long video chat and, yes, phone calls for those who don't use technology.

Hanging out in the kitchen-keeping room is a weekend treat with time to make cappuccino, read the paper, enjoy the sunshine and spend time with hubby and Cotehele.  Homemade waffles are a weekend ritual enjoyed by all. Cotehele patiently (ya, think?) waits for her own little waffle with real maple syrup and fruit.  I always enjoy the chance to bake.

Blueberry Danish

Lately, Saturday morning is my time to catch up on the week's blogs.  I admit to being a visual person.  My brain has processed enough work all week, that I love scrolling thru blogs just for the pictures.  Beautiful, creative, interesting images take my breath away.  These are a couple if visual blogs I enjoyed this morning.

                                                                Conspicuous Style

This afternoon we are having a shower for my "adopted" son and daughter. 

It's their first child - a Boy!

They have been very gracious to invite me to go with them to the ultrasounds.  

He is a cute little guy.  Grin. 

~~ Pictures tomorrow~~
 If I don't get too caught up in the celebration to remember to snap a few.



rita said...

Loved 'visiting' your living room again! And all the beautiful spaces in the blogs you linked. I saved a couple of the images as ideas for the 'new' house. Lots of decorating decisions ahead.
I know you are enjoying the beauty of the season even in the midst of your busy life. Have a good week!

laxsupermom said...

That blueberry danish looks scrumptious! Thanks for the links! I love finding new eye candy blogs.

RHome410 said...

Oh, you're so blessed to be included in viewing the ultrasounds with them! I miss those, and look forward to sharing some with my kids.

Communication is so different now that when we were just starting out. Having kids states (or countries) away is a little easier when you can talk face-to-face...even if it's through a screen... or contact them almost instantly if need be.