Thursday, March 31, 2011

Changes, I am a working gal

Has it really been three weeks and two days since my last post? It feels much longer.  I have been blogging, just not here.  You see, I started a new job the first week of March at the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.  Funny how things happen. I was not looking for work.  I like to think it is just a quirky happening that, at the time, means nothing, but it is easy to see the paper trail so to speak to a connection to current events. Last fall I filled in for the MSO operations manager who was on maternity leave.  (In another life I an executive director of an orchestra see here). When the long-time administrative coordinator retired in February, I was offered the job.  It has been fun making the job mine.

The MSO didn't have much of a web presence, only the official website and a little used facebook page.  Now there is a blog. I try to post interesting insights into who the people of the Muncie Symphony are and what we do.  One of the most enjoyable times so far was going with the string quartet to an adult day care facility to play for a group of ladies.  Music is truly a universal language that can cheer the heart and warm the soul.

The musicians also enjoy the experience. Most of them are international graduate students who have graduated in their home country from a conservatory; some students have a masters degrees.  This cellist is from Korea. She has been in the United States about 7 months.  Two violinists are Russian, another is Chinese. The students are very accomplished, and they play in the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.

 I took Cotehele as well, and look at the smile she put the ladies faces!

Cotehele goes to work with me most days.  The office is on the Ball State University campus on the Theater corridor.  One professor brings her Yorkie, Loui, every day. Theater students bring their dogs and hang out in the Theater stage manager's office just across the hall from our office.  The MSO executive director fosters for Lucky Lab Rescue, and we foster for GRRACE.  
It's a doggie kind of place, and I love it.

I will post here when I can. Meanwhile come visit me at 

Muncie Symphony Orchestra.

 I need friends!!


Anonymous said...

Finally! I was beginning to worry that something awful had happened to keep you from posting! How fun to 'work' in a doggie friendly place. Enjoy and keep posting!

RHome410 said...

Wow! Very cool. I feel very unaccomplished. ;-) Will you still have time for your baking? Enjoy this new opportunity...So great when doors open that you weren't even looking for.

Cotehele said...

Puppeez, Thanks for your kind words. You must be a dog lover with that name! What breed do you have? Enjoy the weekend!


RHome, you are very accomplished; I have often thought "if I only had RHome's energy and insight". Don't sell yourself short. You run circles around me! And you are much better at making a case for bad ovens, ha.

I should have time to bake for the family, but I don't expect to have lots of time to bake for the Farmer's Market. Time will tell.

Have a good weekend.


laxsupermom said...

That is so awesome! I was really worried about you, and nearly dropped you a line to check. I'm so glad you've just been busy with this new opportunity. It sounds like a terrific new venture. Thanks for sharing.

Gena @ A Bluebonnet in Beantown said...

How fantastic!! My previous professional life was in cultural nonprofits, and I love the creative energy in that field. I'm looking forward to seeing more about the orchestra!

rita said...

I just read, and listened some, through the entire MSO blog. You are doing a marvelous job of educating, describing, and inviting participation!
It is fun for Cotehele too :)