Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Old Kitchen After

I tried to make the new kitchen work in the original space. Before pictures and post here. Then I expanded into the next room. It was okay, but there were many inklings things were not right. I was weary and ready to 'settle' for a kitchen across the entire back of the house, but the bid was way over budget.  I tried relocating the kitchen into the space on the left side of the hall. It worked perfectly and saved a little on the budget without 'settling'. Ha, ha!  At least at first. Here is the result. I apologize for the picture quality. The images will be replaced when better ones are available. A photographer I am not! The Old Kitchen Bakery will be posted separately soon.

Architect:  Mary Elen Rudisel-Jordan 
General Contractor: D & C Construction
Cabinets: Kline Cabinetmakers quatersawn oak with burnt sugar stain.  
Countertops: The Stone Studio Santa Renta Vaneta soapstone (tormenta)
Sinks: Belle Foret  F4KIT 30'' and  F3KIT 24''
Faucets: Chicago wall mount with spray at clean up sink, Kohler Vanetta at prep sink, 
Pot Filler: Belle Foret 
  • Induction Cooktop: Miele KM5773-36 inch 
  • Dishwasher:  Miele Inspira G 1181 fully integrated
  • Refrigerator: Samsung Quatro (sic)
  • Modernaire 600 CFM vent
  • Microwave: Panasonic
  • Garbage disposal: batch feed insinkerator
  • Double Ovens in the bakery (see The Old Bakery): GE Monogram
****I do not recommend these GE Monogram ovens.*****
    Floor: white oak, custom stain, Street Shoe finish
    Windows: Kolbe & Kolbe
    Antique Doors: locally salvage quartersawn oak 
    Hardware: Horton Brasssses Victorian knobs and pulls
    Floor Vent Covers: House of Antique Hardware

    North/top: cooktop wall
    South/bottom: clean up wall, dishwasher, dish storage
    West/left: refrigerator wall
    East/right: Keeping Room not shown

    Looking west from the Keeping Room

    Looking northeast toward Main Street and side yard.

    Looking southeast.
    Doors to the hall at each end of the cabinet run.

    Looking east.  Dishwasher to the left of the sink.
    The backsplash is a work in progress. The matte board is temporary-trying to settle on something I like.

    China cabinet.
    Everyday dishes and flatware in drawers below.
    Dishwasher to the right.

    Breakfast station and food storage.
    Looking west. Door to the hall at left.
    Doorway into bakery and to garage at right.
    Cutting board is prep space.

    Cabinet next to refrigerator.
    Tea, coffee, mugs, glasses , tea pots, French presses, and insulated liquid storage in the tin cupboard.
    Food storage wraps, containers, baking dishes on the base cabinets.

    Cooktop, pot and pan storage.
    Looking north northwest.
    Door to the left to the bakery and garage.

    ~~ Watch for more to come ~~
    The Old Bakery (There is a sneak peek beyond the door by the cooktop.)
    The Keeping Room
    What is in the cupboards? 
    Plans for the original kitchen space


    laxsupermom said...

    Your kitchen is one of my favorites. I love seeing pics of it. The tin punch panels look great! The last time I saw pics of your kitchen on gw, the panels hadn't been done yet. Love the soapstone(of course,) the rich wood tone, and the sliding doors on your dish hutch. Thanks for sharing.

    RHome410 said...

    Yay...Pics of the kitchen all in one place! BEAUTIFUL.

    I remember you trying to fit it in the kitchen, but did the Kitchenet end up in the bakery?

    rita said...

    It is all so beautiful!
    An awful lot of work went into this project.

    Kitchen cabinets said...

    Awesome. I like most kitchen designs. But I think that You have to change the kitchen counter marbles due to some creepy cracks over there.

    Cotehele said...

    LSM, It is the little things that take the longest to find just the right thing to use. The punched tin is one of my favorites, too. Thanks for visiting.

    Rhome, It takes a long time to be 'done' with the kitchen, right? We are both making progress. Someday soon, I hope . . .

    Rita, You are sweet, thanks.

    KC, Thanks, I am glad you like it. I am not sure if you are serious or joking about the counters. The movement in the soapstone is what drew me to that particular variety of stone. I have Imperial Danby marble in the bakery.

    laxsupermom said...

    Cotehele, I just gave you a stylish blogger award. Pop on over to claim it.

    Cotehele said...

    Oh my, how nice of you! Thanks so much! I love your blog, so it means a lot.

    Anonymous said...

    I could get lost in your blog!!!!!

    Coupons for Medifast said...

    Wow what a space, how nice and looks so functional now. Very jealous! We have re-modeled our kitchen twice now and still just not right. Hubby says it will be awhile before I can do again, I need to make up my mind is the problem.
    Very nice job you guys have done.

    Alisa said...

    Looking at the old kitchen, it makes me feel a little sentimental, but I love how it looks now. It's really beautiful.

    Devadeva Mirel said...


    Cotehele said...

    Alisa, The old kitchen was a workhorse for decades before we moved in 29 years ago. The sentimental piece from the kitchen is now in the bakery. It's is my husband's grandmother's Napanee Kitchenet (similar to a Hoosier cabinet). It brings back so many wonderful memories being in her WV kitchen. I am glad you like the new kitchen.

    Devadeva-ha, thanks! I sent you an e-mail.

    Grease Traps said...

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