Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sunday I wrote about Frito Salad, Hay Stacks to some.  Just wanted to read it over in the morning before posting.  Monday it was gone. . .  who knows where?? Cyber limbo.  So here is the short version:

We moved from Michigan to Ohio when I was 12. It was a big change, especially school.  Changing from a eight-grade one-room school to one that was not only much larger, but needing to change classrooms for each class was confusing and overwhelming.  On the plus side, my comute to school went from more than an hour to about 20 minutes.  It didn't take very long to make friends because we saw each other six days a week. Our parents worked at the same hospital and we all attended the same church.  The best thing, though, was that on Saturday nights there were other kids to hang around with.  We seventh graders could make  Chef Boyarde pizza in a box. It was deciding whose kitchen that was the hardest. It didn't taste as good as pizza we make now, but it was fun making it together.    

Another food that I ate for the first time was Frito Salad.  Open and heat a can of refried beans, a package of grated cheese, jar of salsa, sour cream, Fritos and shredded lettuce. What could be easier?   Frito Salad is great pot luck meal, too. Everyone brings one layer. I worked with a Mexican nurse's aid at a hospital in California. She made the best refried beans I have ever had in my life.  I still swoon!  I don't know what she put in them, and we couldn't get her to bring them very often.

Somehow Frito Salad became our traditional Colts football meal.  We've added a few more layers over the years. Mr. C likes his mom's pickle relish, I like ranch dressing and guacamole. We weren't sure if we would be having Frito Salad  this next weekend. The Colts and Titans were tied until the last 3 seconds. Gotta love Vinatieri!   Crossing my fingers for the next game and more Frito Salad.   


laxsupermom said...

Don't you hate cyber glitches?

We love doing frito salads for football games, because with the corn chips WD doesn't feel like the weirdo-gluten-free-kid-who-can't-eat-anything-sitting-in-the-corner. Not that anyone would treat him like that, but you know how self conscious teens are. I like guacamole on mine. Mmmm, avocados.

We'll have to be rooting against your Colts this week. Since the Jags got pounded, Vinatieri's kick didn't determine if they'd play, but who'd they play. As it turns out the win has them playing WD's team the Jets. Our team(the woefully, bumbling Bills) didn't even sniff the playoffs so now we have to root for his team.

Marysol said...

Cotehele, I've been living on hot soups and cool, crisp salads lately. An annual ritual, brought on by the consumption of too many Christmas cookies.

I'd love to pounce on that Fritos salad!

Cotehele said...

Sol, It's a mixed blessing the Christmas cookies are gone in our house. Last night we had cake, lol. Hope you like Frito salad.

Laxsupermom, Enjoy the game! One of us will be happy. :-)

RHome410 said...

Yum...Maybe tonight's dinner! This is very close to our Taco Salad...Also good with the ingredients rolled in warmed tortillas. We are happy (and a bit surprised) to have play offs to look forward to here in Seahawks-country, too!

Our friends have something they call Haystacks that start with rice and creamy gravy, then there are things to add like cashews or peanuts, pineapple, celery, onion, tomato, olives, soy sauce, fried noodles, etc. It sounds strange, but is good!

Cotehele said...

RHome, Haystacks sound like the Asian version of Frito Salad I'll be trying soon. Good luck in the playoffs!

rita said...

My Venezuelan friend calls Haystacks what you call Frito Salad. Guacamole for me too, thank you.