Friday, December 17, 2010

Mushroom Soup Take Two

Things happen so gradually it is hard to realize a change has taken place. It takes a new eye to notice. My son drives my car when we go someplace.  About a month ago, he noticed the car steering wheel was shaking. Well, I had noticed too, but it didn't shake all the time. I thought it was rough road. Nope. The rear summer tires were worn through the rubber and a bit of the steel belt. So off to the shop my car went get the wheels aligned. Mr. C followed me down and we spent the day Christmas shopping. All of the cookware at Williams Sonoma was 20% off. I couldn't pass up the chance to get the Staub dutch oven I've been hoping to find on sale for months. The other two Staub pots don't match. They were purchased on sale at different times. This dutch oven is Mr. C's favorite color, a gorgeous blue.

We thought we found the last of the Christmas gifts until we got home and discovered Sweet Girl raided the stocking stuffer bag. All that was left of the cappuccino truffles was the bag. Cheese ball mix covered the hall carpet. She is okay thank goodness, but she had plenty of energy that evening.

My new blue dutch oven was meant to be cristened with mushroom soup. The good kind. Bella Mini mushrooms were buy 10 get 1 free at the market. I loaded up the vegetable crisper with mushrooms.

The soup is a little of this and that made up as it went along: mushrooms, onion, rice sticks, GW golden broth, salt, pepper, butter, thyme.  Cream is added at this point, but Mr. C was still recovering. He didn't want cream in the soup. It was very good without cream, I would make it without again.

I am very happy with the new pot!

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